Our Mission

Tutor Amigo is a family owned social enterprise – our primary aim is to make a lasting difference to children across the UK and the transform the lives of our tutors in developing countries, not to make a profit.

Tutor Amigo was set up by a group of parents who were passionate about their own children’s education.  They have a desire to bring high quality tuition to children whilst reducing global poverty and improving the lives of talented people in the poorest countries around the world

By using our services, you are helping to change the lives of not only your children but of our fantastic, talented tutors!

Our Vision

Our vision is to help your child whilst helping poor people in developing countries.  Simple!  Sometimes, despite being highly qualified, graduates can face few job opportunities in their home countries.  In order to help them, we work closely with graduates and undergraduates around the world to recruit highly skilled and talented tutors to work with Tutor Amigo.  

Economic recessions and mismanagement in some countries can lead to people not having the basic ability to earn enough to support their own families.  We look to recruit people from these and other countries in order to give people an opportunity and a platform to use their skills and their knowledge whilst providing low cost, high quality teaching and tuition for children in the UK.