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Using our Tutors are often a more affordable way of providing one-to-one intervention with children who have specific learning needs.  

We are working with a number of schools to offer support and catch-up lessons in a variety of subjects.  If this is something that would be of interest to your school, please get in touch.

Cost Effective Intervention

We work alongside schools to meet the needs of their pupils.

We are happy to partner with schools throughout the UK to provide them with an alternative to hiring additional teaching assistants or teachers to support specific pupils and their needs.

Whether the pupil is EAL and would benefit from a teacher who is competent in their home language and English, or the pupil would simply benefit from more one-to-one teaching time, we can help.  

To learn more about Please contact us at our email address: schools@tutoramigo.com

Schools face an unprecedented financial challenge

Our tutor services are less than half of that charged by other tutoring services

Tailored Approach

We can help find a tutor to match the needs of your specific child

Expert Advice

Whether you are looking for a single child intervention or assistance with a whole cohort

Professional Team

We are educational professionals with extensive experience of the state education sector

Get Results

We want to help your children succeed, whatever their background